Napkin Ring Beads Set of 4


Woohoo!! Y'all we are EXTREMELY excited about today's steal!! This has been in the works for a while now and we are finally able to bring you these beautifully crafted, Napkin Ring Beads, Set of 4. Our friend, @bailey.banker of @sweetprairie.pickin has been making these for a while and when we first set our sights on them we knew we had to bring them to you all!!


Each one will adorn your home with simple elegance and bring a unique touch whether you decide to use them! These Napkin Rings give the simple things in your home the perfect touch. Imagine how beautiful your table setting will be with these around your napkins! How about adorning those beautiful antique soda bottles you have collected over the years?! Not only do they make the perfect gift for yourself but for a friend as well! The sky is truly the limit with can get as creative as you want!! After all, they are jewelry for your home, so anywhere you put them they will add personality. 




P.S. See how @bailey.banker of @sweetprairie.pickin styles these beauties for her farmhouse in the pictures above!