Architectural Gable Collection. Set of 4


Can you say LOVE at first sight?! We were awestruck when we laid eyes on this STUNNING collection of Architectural Gables!!! SERIOUSLY… Our jaws dropped! The distressed wood finish, EXQUISITE detailing and unique style make them the PERFECT statement piece!!! AND just when you thought this steal couldn’t get any better, they come in a set of four! Yup, that’s FOUR breathtaking arched wall accents!! Oh My!



Now, It’s pieces like this one that set your space apart from others! Imagine these beauties radiating their sophistication and elegance throughout your home!

We can already picture one above the mantel or fireplace and another hanging over a window or doorframe! You can even hang them in your bedroom above your bed! Add it to your gallery wall or hang it up on any blank wall that needs some extra charm… which let's be honest is EVERYWHERE!! LOL. They would even make the most A-M-A-Z-I-N-G addition to your entryway or foyer!! Whether you hang them separately or throughout your home they will make an eye-catching addition to your home.



Wherever you place this beautiful set of wooden arch wall decor won’t go unnoticed! And if you’ve been with us for some time you know FABULOUS wall accents such as this one won't last long!



Seriously, it won’t last long! Did you look at the price for this HUGE piece!! And our shipping rate is STILL only $5!!!



Enjoy! <3