Potted Kalanchoe Set of 2


Good morning, Stealers! And oh is it a GOOD MORNING!!!! We are beyond THRILLED to bring FRESH new deals that will fill your home with color, texture and BEAUTY!!!! These potted kalanchoe flowers are PERFECT to spruce up your space the easy AND maintenance free way!!! YAY!!!!



These beautiful faux potted plants are truly a DREAM!!!  Welcome family and friends with them in the entryway; use them to brighten up the bathroom, bedroom, living room, kitchen, office OR all of the above! We also LOVE the idea of adorning your windowsill or hutch with these beauties! After all, who wouldn’t want to see their home bright, warm and FULL of life! And best of all since they’re faux they won’t wilt. ;) We thought of it all so you wouldn’t have to! <3



Don’t wait! This GORGEOUS steal won’t last long! And don’t forget about or ahhhhmazing $5 shipping rate!