LOVE YOU MORE Throw Blanket / Vintage Feedsack Feel


YAY, we have a SURPRISE for you!! THEY ARE BACK! Every time we offer these sweet LOVE YOU MORE blankets they SELL OUT in no time! Oh, and did we mention that they were in the Romantic Homes Magazine for March 2014? 

Cuddling up under a cozy feed sack fabric throw is the perfect fix! And you know nothing warms our hearts more than bringing you great deals! ❤
This deal is all about function and ease and warmth and love and beauty and and and…well you get the idea... :) Tie your room together with our sentimental feed sack throw that works ANYWHERE!  Over the arm of a chair, a couch, at the end of your bed, the chest in the corner, even on your lap while you pay the bills.  It’s the perfect weight to keep away the chill in any season and the perfect sentiment to warm your heart.
Even better, it's priced to make a PERFECT gift for all those people you love more than anything! What a sweet, cozy way to give a hug to those YOU love more. Don’t forget to keep one for yourself!