Preserved Boxwood Wreaths with Ribbon Trim Set Of 3


We’ve been getting NON STOP requests to bring back these beautiful preserved boxwood wreaths.  SO WE DID!!!! We couldn't be happier that we are able to deliver, especially at this price! We can't keep these in stock!


This all natural preserved boxwood wreaths set is just so lush and fresh. All you need to do is spray with water once a month and it will always be that way! That’s our kind of greenery. LOL :o)


There is NOTHING sweeter than hanging one of these mini wreaths from the back of a chair, from a door handle, on an old window pane or a vintage hutch or centered on a mirror. You could also use then on plates with name cards or around pillar candles! We just love the size and the endless possibilities!


Boxwood wreaths are so elegant and are great tools to elevate your decor in any season. Just add a red or silver bows and you will have glorious Holiday wreaths. OR swap the bows for Chiffon ones and voilà: you have the most beautiful Spring wreaths! See, it's just that simple :o)




The beautiful photo #2 in the photos above is courtesy of Blue Egg Brown Nest

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