Rotating Hardware Storage Bin Rotabin

Yee haw! We are giddy with excitement about today's steal. These Rotating Hardware Bin solutions have been in the works since March 5th when our entire inventory was wiped out in a few hours, and then our supplier's entire inventory in a few more hours!  Customers have been beating down our door ever since looking for more!  Well, we FINALLY got ‘em for you…more more MORE!

Vintage. Beautiful.  Storage. Three of our favorite words! Today’s Rotabin steal brings them all together in our Vintage Industrial Style Hardware Storage
Bin options. Whether you need to sort and store a few things or are an organizer gone mad, we have a bin to suit your style.

We have gone crazy finding fun stuff to fill ours with! Our drawers are suddenly empty because we sorted their contents into these bins instead! In the kitchen we beautifully sorted our tea bags, in the bathroom the cosmetics, jewelry, and first aid supplies have  been contained. The craft room is now the picture of perfect tidiness with our buttons, threads, glitters & pens all in perfect order.  Clips, pens, flash drives and ALL the clutter on our desk suddenly looks stunning.   And let’s not forget where the trend began, sorting nails & screws and other necessities at the local general & hardware store. Some of the best ideas are the old ones.

And we haven’t even mentioned that the top tiers of the 2 & 3 tier bins rotate (the bottom tier of the 2 & 3 bins is stationary and so is the 1 tier bin)!  Sort, spin, repeat.  FUN and functional.  Yup, we love ‘em too. AND needless to point out how INCREDIBLE our price is!


  • Rotating Hardware Storage Bin, Rotabin | Pick Your Size
  • Inspired by hardware storage bins used in old general and hardware stores.
  • Crafted of galvanized metal.
  • Options:

A- 1-Tier Stationary Hardware Bin @ $23.50  - Dimensions: 13" Diameter x 9" High. - LOW STOCK
B- 2-Tier Rotating Hardware Bin @ $34.50 - Dimensions: 13" Diameter x 13" High.
C- 3-Tier Rotating Hardware Bin @ $44.50 - Dimensions: 13" Diameter x 18" High.

  • A maximum quantity of 8 is allowed per customer
  • Shipping Date: Leaves our warehouse within15 business days