Vintage Inspired Enamelware Tray


Last time we brought these trays, you guys grabbed them up so quickly it made our heads spin!  So we worked hard to bring them back to you AND we are giddy with excitement!! Be sure to grab yours quickly! Just saying! 


Our enamelware tray embraces vintage styling with an exclusive soft blue egg color inspired straight from nature. The original enamel trays were used years and years ago in the medical field, in photo processing, in delis, as baking pans, in general stores... Literally, everywhere you can think off!


These beauties are food safe so you can use them to serve cheese, fruits, and other snacks... or you can use them to decorate or display your treasures... Hmmm, these vintage reproductions will sure shine in your parties!


PS: Check out how our friends, Jordan with @abluenest (photo #2-4) and Liz with @little_bit_original (photo #5) are using their enamelware tray :)