Q&A with Rhonda

How would you describe your design style?

1) Where do you start when decorating a room? My design style is best described as Modern Farmhouse. I love several different styles of decor but I wanted to go with something that best goes with the style of our home. That being said, I love to add little touches here and there of things I love that may not be considered farmhouse style. 

2) What is your favorite Decor Steals item? To find the perfect pieces for our home, I often start with one room at a time. I love to add at least one staple/impact piece then decorate the rest of the room around that item. 

3) Where do you get your inspiration from? My favorite Decor Steals item would have to be my Magnolia wreath. It is so versatile, simple but yet beautiful. I can move it around to almost any room in our house. For a seasonal look, I love to add a little sign or decoration to it to add more to it although it's fabulous by itself.