Rustic White Window Cabinet


-Beautifully crafted from distressed wood and metal wire
-Dimensions: 11" Wide x 6" Deep x 15" High
-Packed: One per package (you will receive one Rustic White Window Cabinet)
Shipping Date: Leaves our warehouse within THREE business days!



Today is such a HAPPY day!! We adore our Rustic White Window Cabinet and we KNOW you will absolutely fall in love with it too! Around here we believe that your home should be filled with elements of your personality and pieces that truly speak from your heart. This window cabinet is just dripping with character as unique as yours!!!


If you are like us, vintage connoisseurs, you will truly appreciate this distressed piece! We are absolutely in LOVE with the design, intricate distressed details, the shape of the faux window, and of course the vintage inspired metal wire screen!!


This cabinet is a classic beauty that will look even MORE beautiful (if that's even possible) once it is dressed up with some candles, books, magazines, or pictures! Simply hang it in your living room or bedroom and your room will immediately be flooded with vintage charm! Mount it in your bathroom to decoratively hold sundries or guest towels! You can even use it as a planter indoors or outdoors!