Starlit Tree Twigs With 60 LED lights


With Fall right around the corner and Chrismas following close behind(whether we are ready or not!) we think it may be time to start preparing for the months ahead! And what better way then these perfect for ANY Holiday Starlit Tree Twigs! These beauties would be perfect for the Fall but also could have a place in your home any time of the year :)


We love the festive sparkle that twinkling starlit tree led branches can add to all the dim spots in a home. Who wouldn’t welcome a little sparkle and magic in their lives?


Our lighted branches are rated for indoor and outdoor use so the possibilities are endless! You can tuck them into literally anything and have instant excitement. There are 60 (YES 60!) bulbs glowing and throwing ambient light. The led branches are gorgeous “planted” alone in a beautiful, seasonal container or can enhance your existing arrangements and plants.


It's really breathtaking to see it lit... Display it in your living room, bathroom, or in your patio during a party or a gathering and impress your guests. Hmmm, another very cool idea would be to clip some family photos to one and use it as a family tree... Or maybe in a wedding reception... You can combine them with evergreen boughs or silk flowers.   They will light up your mantel, foyer table, or the front step throughout the year.  Or they’ll serve as magical night lights in those gloomy corners down the hall or on your patio.   The branches are sturdy enough to support ornaments and really add some holiday pizzazz to the room!




  • Starlit Tree Twigs With 60 LED lights - See photo #3
  • Shipping is $5 for the first one and only $2 more for each additional.
  • 60 Soft White LED lights
  • 20" Tall - Branches can be shaped the way you like!
  • 10,000 Hours Estimated life. In other words, with an average use of 8 hours a day you will get about 3 years lifetime
  • Plug in with A/C adapter - Cord is 16' long
  • Indoor and outdoor use only
  • Packed: One 20" tall branch Per Package (each branch has 60 LED lights)
  • A maximum quantity of 8 is allowed per customer
  • Shipping Date: Leaves our warehouse within 15 business days