{Subway Sign} *HUGE* Family Forever No Matter What


For those who missed this :o)

On this beautiful weekend, we wanted to bring you a statement that we believe in!



Family means that no matter what you're in it together, and till the end.

 It means that no matter how many times disagreements arise, deep down you still have that unconditional love for them.

Family means, you are always there for them. It means that you never let them stand alone, they come first.

And even if the world has turned its back on you, you know that family will be there to hold your hands through it all...

This will make the perfect statement on your wall, desk or counter top


What does family mean to you? let us know your thoughts in the comments box on your right hand side :o)




  •  {Subway Sign} *HUGE* Family Forever No Matter What
  • Antiqued finish Wood box with painted white letters
  • The sign reads: "Family Forever No Matter What"
  • Dimensions: 24"Wide x 1.75"Deep x 11"High
  • Packed: One Per Package (you will receive one subway sign)
  • Guaranteed Delivery By Christmas in the 48 continuous states