Happy New Year! As we say goodbye to 2014 and welcome the new 2015 we want to wish you all a year that is filled with happiness, joy and love!

Today marks the last of our THANK U STEALS! We hope you enjoyed all the gifts we have been bringing you and we can't wait to see how you will love today's steal!


Vintage inspired laundry room accents have always been on our list, the issue is that we really couldn't find ones that felt real and were affordable... Well until we found these three pieces!!!


A- We're SO glad we don't have do laundry on a washboard anymore!  But they are cool reminders of days gone by and we're so glad they have found new life as beautiful rustic wall pockets!

B- Laundry letters add some fun to your chores simply by stating the obvious!  Pin them up over your machines or the laundry room door or even over the hamper to make it clear where to drop the dirties!

C- A HUGE laundry room wooden sign that will for sure put a smile on your face!



  • THANK U STEAL | Old Fashioned Laundry Room Accents, Pick Yours
  • Vintage Inspired Reproduction
  • Options:

A- Vintage Inspired Wooden Washboard Wall Box $16.50 - 8.5" Wide x 4" Deep x 18" High

B- Cloth Wrapped wooden Laundry letters garland $16.50 - 45" Wide x 5/8" Deep x 6.5"High

C- *HUGE* Wooden Laundry Room Sign $24.50 - 15" Wide x 0.5" Deep x 32.5" High

  • Packed: One Per Package (you will receive one laundry room accent in the style you chose)
  • A maximum quantity of 6 is allowed per customer
  • Shipping Date: Leaves our warehouse within ten business days