Factory Cart Side Table


WOW!!  We've taken a time machine back to a simpler time and have brought back with us an industrial masterpiece!! This industrial factory inspired rolling cart side table is an absolutely incredible piece with more character than just about anything we have ever offered!



This side table was designed and modeled after the industrial factory carts used in the early 1900's. These carts were used in factories all over the United States to move textiles, furniture, parts and goods. It's almost like taking a step back in time without even leaving your home!



This is what we call a piece with soul! Its detailed wood and metal elements create the most incredible look! We are super excited about the price we were able to offer and that we still held the shipping at $5! Others sell similar carts for as high as $1000+... Don't take our word for it, please do your own research!


Check out how our talented friend @modishandmain is using hers in photo #1 & #3 and @blendedfarmhouse in photo #5!