Galvanized Metal Pecking Roosters, Set Of 2 / Farmhouse Friends


We are struttin’ our stuff today folks! Our barnyard is bursting with excitement about this set of 2 pecking roosters! These guys have to be the best lookin’ roosters we have ever seen. It's the easiest way to add barnyard charm to any space!


The amazing attention to details on this folk art piece simply astounds us! These aren't just yor ordinary roosters! The cut out details in the galvanized metal really adds the charm that we LOVE! These beautiful pieces will keep you company anywhere in the house or on your porch. Wherever you need a touch of charm and a little conversation starter! 

The part we are crowing about is the price! We have seen sets very similar to this one selling for a hefty price! So today is your day to get your hands on this one-of-a-kind farmhouse set!