{Vintage Chic} Shoo Fly Screen Cover Set Of 2 *Reproduction


It’s so exciting to be able to bring you these beautiful reproduction screen covers for a fraction of the price. Each one of these domes looks so original, whether it’s the dark metal color or the uneven shape...  So real and sooo beautiful!


Others sell this Set of 2 Shoo Fly Covers for (the lowest we found) $38 + shipping! Please don't take our word for it and do your own research! :o)




  • {Vintage Beauty} Shoo Fly Screen Cover, Set Of 2 *Reproduction*
  • Beautifully crafted from mesh screen. The finish and the shape are imperfect to resemble the real deal
  • Dimensions- Large: 10.25” Diameter x 6.5" tall. Small: 8” Diameter x 5" High. Perfect size to fit over your plates
  • Packed: One Set Per Package (you will receive two Shoo Fly Screen Covers – One large and one small)
  • Due to high demand this deal will ship by 4/25