Vintage Wooden Horse Pull Toy


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We don’t know about you, but our love of vintage décor is NOT only based upon how the pieces look.  We are enchanted by their history and the stories and memories these pieces conjure up in us.  These gorgeous wooden horse pull toys are the PERFECT example!

In early America, when people had only the necessities of everyday life, clever and thrifty parents and grandparents would stash away bits and pieces of leftover supplies, which would come to life in the form of a Christmas toy.  Pull-toy animals, mounted on wheeled platforms, delighted the very young. Horses were the most common pulled toy. *

Our designers kept all this in mind when creating today's steal.   The carved wood look, the jute main and tail and the wheeled platform are all reminiscent of the toys our great grandfathers carved for our grandfathers.   These are truly beautiful accent pieces that will feel like family heirlooms.
You will love how large these black beauties are and that you could pick the size!  Both are big enough to simply sit on the floor but we would want to highlight them by centering them on a mantel or foyer table…they are THAT cool.

We know our thrifty great grandfathers would be proud of the price too…yup, we aren’t messing around.

The fun part is that if you feel some of that historical family creativity coursing through your veins…you can paint them!  Perhaps you prefer a blaze on the nose or white stockings?  If so, go for it!



  • Vintage Wooden Horse Pull Toy | Pick Your Size
  • Beautifully crafted from natural wood and jute to resemble the real deal!
  • Two options to pick from:

A- Small Vintage Wooden Horse Pull Toy $29.95 - 10” Wide x 5” Deep x 16" High.

B- Large Vintage Wooden Horse Pull Toy $36.95 - 13.5" Wide x 5.5" Deep x 19" High. - SOLD OUT

  • Packed: One Per Package (you will receive one Wooden Horse Pull Toy in the size you chose)
  • For decorative use only.
  • A maximum quantity of 8 is allowed per customer
  • Shipping Date: Leaves our warehouse within fifteen business days