Vintage Inspired


Can we get a HALLELUJAH?!  It seems like we are constantly getting requests for decorative bags, so today we decided to bring you just what you have been wanting!!! YEAH HOO!! We were finally able to bring you some vintage inspired flour, sugar, coffee, and tea sacks!


This set is truly incredible: Not only is it EXTREMELY unique but also, it exudes "vintage-ness". Yep! This is NOT your average unattractive display piece. The design was vintage inspired and is the perfect combination of natural beauty and quality craftsmanship. These beauties will add a farmhouse touch to your kitchen in a SNAP!


These would look picturesque huddled on kitchen countertops, above cabinets or nestled in different areas around your kitchen space. Hmmm…you could even use these as the PERFECT paperweights if you wanted to get really creative with it!!! Use your imagination with these and let your inner design star come alive!!




  • Vintage Inspired | Flour, Sugar, Coffee, and Tea Decorative Sacks
  • Beautifully crafted and inspired by vintage Flour, Sugar, Coffee, and Tea sacks
  • Bags come full and are not meant for storage use
  • Dimensions:  Four: 8” Wide X 3.5” Deep X 11.5” High. Sugar: 6.5” Wide X 2.5” Deep X 9.5” High. Coffee: 5” Wide X 2” Deep X 7.5” High. Tea: 3.75” Wide X 1.75” Deep X 6.5” High
  •  Packed: One Set Per Package (you will receive 4 decorative sacks (Flour, Sugar, Coffee, and Tea)
  • A maximum quantity of 10 is allowed per customer
  • Shipped out of our warehouse in 15 business days.