Wooden Nesting Crates Set of 5


-Beautifully crafted from reclaimed wood
-Dimensions: Crate One: (10" Wide x 7" Deep x 3" High) Crate Two: (11" Wide x 8.25" Deep x 3.5" High) Crate Three: (12" Wide x 9.25" Deep x 3.75" High) Crate Four: (12.75" Wide x 10" Deep x 4.5" High) Crate Five: (13.75" Wide x 11" Deep x 4.75" High)
-Packed: Five Per Packing (you will receive five Wooden Nesting Crates of five different sizes)
-A maximum quantity of 10 is allowed per customer
Shipping Date: Leaves our warehouse within THREE business days!


Here at Decor Steals, we are OBSESSED with crates..wooden crates, chicken wire crates, opened crates, closed crates! We LOVE them all! Probably because we are OBSESSED with organization!


Whether you LOVE organization like we do or if you are simply looking to add some farmhouse decor to your home.. our Wooden Nesting Crates are PERFECT for you!


These BEAUTIFULLY crafted crates are amazing as is but there is SO much you can do to them to ADD to their beauty! We love the idea of stacking ALL 5 of them in the corner and filling the top crate with a bunch of white potted plants OR place a couple herb stems in all the crevasses. Stack them all together and place them in the corner of your living room to hold your blankets! You can use them separately in your craft room, kitchen, bathroom, living room, or bedroom as stylish storage! 


The versatility of these crates is what TRULY makes them an UHHHHHmazing steal! We were lucky enough to find these crates and be able to bring ALL 5 of them to you at this low price while still being able to keep our shipping at just $5!


 Check out how our friends are using theirs: @boylant22 (photo #1), @greybirchdesigns (photo #2-3), and @briemarie1023 (photo #4)