Vintage Leather Bound Books, Set of 3 / Found Object


-All in good condition. There might be some minor imperfections or minor spots, after all they are pretty old.
-They all have different spines and colored covers, you will get 3 randomly chosen books. Since these are found antiques we have no way of controling the colors you will receive.
-You will receive all three hard cover books.
-The dimensions vary from standard size book to large book.
-Packed: One Set Per Package (you will receive THREE Vintage Leather Bound Antique Books)
-A maximum quantity of 8 is allowed per customer. Sorry we need to make sure we have enough for everyone :)
Shipping Date: Leaves our warehouse within THREE business days!


Oh yes, we know! You have been asking us (forever) to bring you antique books at a reasonable and affordable price! Well we DID it again and we are beyond excited EXCITED! The reason it took us so long is we searched EVERYWHERE for the most beautiful vintage books, not just something you can find in a thrift shop or flea market! 


These leather bound books vintage and were once used in the  most unique libraries and we are SO IN LOVE! Each one is truly unique and different but they are all in good condition! Some are thinner and some are thicker. There might be some minor imperfections or minor spots, after all they are pretty old!


Colors and patterns vary from different shades of reds, blues, greens, purples, blacks, browns... Make sure to see all photos above...You will recieve three randomly chosen hard cover books, since these are found antiques we have no control over what color, pattern or size you will receive.


If you have been dreaming about owning original Vintage Leather Bound Books, today is truly your chance! @ $34.99 and only $5 shipping for THREE different unique books, this deal can't be better...